PhD Student in Psychology; Cognitive Psychology / Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Gothenburg Faculty of Social Sciences

PhD student in psychology, with specialization in cognitive psychology/cognitive neuroscience

Diary id: PAR 2020/157
Employment level: Fixed term
Location: Department of Psychology
Apply by: 2020-03-30

The Department of Psychology has approximately 160 employees, and is engaged in extensive research and educational activities. There is a very high demand for all programs at the department. We announce a positions as a PhD student.


Classic research on intelligence view the human ability for abstract reasoning as an ability that cannot be influenced by experience and learning. New research suggest however that that knowledge plays a decisive role in reasoning and that human acquire reasoning skills. As a doctoral student, you will be a part of the research group ADA-Gero and Martin Lövdén’s team, investigating, using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and behavioral experiments, how the human brain is acquiring skills in reasoning and how these skills affect lifespan cognitive development. The work consists of, among other things, design, planning, administration, and reporting of empirical studies of how abstract reasoning is affected by knowledge and practice.

Doctoral education normally includes four years of full-time study, comprising of work with a thesis project (165 higher education credits) and courses (75 higher education credits). Some courses are obligatory, while others are elective. The primary task for the PhD student is to complete the thesis work under supervision. A PhD student is expected to develop his/her own ideas and communicate scientific results both orally and in writing. This is done in part through the completion of a scientific thesis. The position may furthermore include lecturing and other departmental duties, resulting in extension of the employment period for a corresponding length of time.


We are looking for motivated individuals with a strong interest in scientifically-based development of the field of psychology, especially cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Previous education and other experience in these fields are desirable. Very good knowledge in psychometrics and skills in statistics are also important merits. Very good ability to communicate orally and in writing in English is a requirement.


Basic and specific eligibility are prerequisites for entry to doctoral education.

To meet basic eligibility requirements, the applicant must have:
-completed a second-cycle degree

-completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 credits are in second-cycle courses
-or have acquired equivalent knowledge in some other way, either in Sweden or abroad

To meet specific eligibility requirements, the applicant must have:
-completed at least 90 higher education credits of first-cycle courses in psychology, in addition to

-at least 60 higher education credits of second-cycle courses, of which at least 15 higher education credits are in scientific methods, as well as a thesis of at least 15 higher   education credits, or
-knowledge equivalent to that listed above, acquired in another manner

Selection criteria

Assessment of applicants who meet the basic and specific eligibility requirements is based on the ability to benefit from doctoral education. Great emphasis is placed on the student’s past thesis/dissertation work, and any previous research-related work. Good ability to communicate orally and in writing in English is a requirement. Applicants who are assessed as the best qualified will be called to an interview. Tests of relevant skills may be conducted.


The starting date for the position will be decided in agreement with the successful applicant. Regulations for employment of PhD students are outlined in the Swedish Code of Statues 1998: 80. Only those accepted for doctoral studies can hold the position. A new appointment as a PhD student applies for a maximum of one year. The appointment can be renewed for a maximum of two years at a time. The total period of employment must not exceed the equivalent of four years full-time doctoral studies.

Contact details:

Enquiries concerning the content of the position can be made to Martin Lövdén,

For general enquiries regarding the doctoral program, contact the Postgraduate studies officer, Ann Backlund, 031-786 1637

Union organizations:
Union representatives at the University of Gothenburg can be found here:


You can apply for admission to the doctoral program through the University of Gothenburg’s recruitment portal, by clicking on the “Apply” button.  Do not forget to attach the requested documents. 

  • dissertations
  • study background
  • work experience
  • research experience (if a scientific report is attached, in which the applicant is not the sole author, then the applicant should describe the specific contributions to the work)
  • motivation for applying to doctoral studies (personal letter)
  • documentation of any specific qualifications asked for in the text above
  • a short text (max 1 page) describing your interest and background in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application is completed in accordance with the advertisement details, and for ensuring that the application is submitted to the university before the deadline.

Last day for application (closing date) March 30



If you apply for this position please say you saw it on Psychoneuroxy


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