PhD Student on Human Interaction Chalmers University of Technology Sweden

Candidates should have an MSc degree in psychology/behavioural sciences or an engineering discipline, with knowledge in one or more of the following fields: human factors, cognitive psychology, neuro science, ergonomics, human machine interfaces, cognitive modelling, artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, automotive technology, driver assistance systems, software engineering, computer science, control theory, transport modelling, and safety analysis.

Employment is expected to start between October 2019 and March 2020. The ESRs will be hired for a period sufficient to obtain a PhD degree at each respective host University (ranging from 36-54 months). All ESRs will work towards the PhD degree at their host institution, which will be assessed following successful publication of their research in international journals, relevant to their field.

Candidates cannot hold a doctorate degree, and should be within 4 years of obtaining their Masters qualification. Candidates can only apply for positions in countries where they have stayed less than 12 months during the last 3 years.

Project summary
The overall goal of this project is to enable rapid and reliable development of safe and user-centred automated vehicles (AVs) for urban environments. Vehicle automation has been identified as a game-changer in transport, promising substantial reductions in road-traffic fatalities while improving mobility. However, the processes to integrate automation in transport have been primarily technology-focussed, with insufficient consideration given to how users both inside and outside of the AVs will interact with AVs.

The main objective of SHAPE-IT is to facilitate the safe, acceptable (and, ideally, desirable) integration of user-centred and transparent AVs into tomorrow’s mixed urban traffic environments, using both existing and new research methods, designing advanced interfaces and control strategies.

Participants in SHAPE-IT (hosts/employers of the ESRs)
Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
University of Leeds (United Kingdom) 
Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) 
Technical University Munich (Germany) 
University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
Ulm University (Germany)

Associated Partners of SHAPE-IT (offering secondments):
Volvo Car Corporation (Sweden) 
VW (Germany)
Veoneer (Sweden) 
Toyota Motor Europe (Belgium)
Bosch (UK?)
SWOV (The Netherlands)
Ludwig Maximilians Universität (Germany)

The application procedure 
Applications should be submitted for each individual ESR position you are interested in, either via the hyperlinks to the host universities recruitment web sites, when available below, or, when no hyperlink is provided, send your application to the host recruitment contact email. You may apply to multiple positions. If we identify you as particularly interesting and suitable for one of the positions you have not applied for, we may forward your contact details to the corresponding host (pending your consent to do so), but direct application is recommended. Each application should include, your CV, and a motivation letter, highlighting your relevant experience, and your motivation for applying. The letter should be tailored to the individual positions you apply for. Note that submission requirements may differ between ESR hosts.

Individual ESR project descriptions
Below the titles of the 15 PhD-student projects are presented, together with the individual hosts recruitment web-pages or contact persons. A more detailed description for all ESRs and eligibility criteria are available here. 

ESR1: Understanding AV Predictability Using Neuroergonomics
Host recruitment contact:

ESR2: Long-Term Effects of Automation Exposure on User Behaviour
Host recruitment contact:

ESR3: Classifying and Predicting Interactions Between AV and VRUs Using AI
Host recruitment page

ESR4: Long-Term Effects of Automation Exposure on AV/VRU Interactions
Host recruitment page

ESR5: Developing more acceptable, pleasant and transparent AV-kinematic cues for drivers
Host recruitment page

ESR6: Internal Interface for Transparent and Agile Automation
Host recruitment contact:

ESR7: Assessing AV Transparency
Host recruitment

ESR8: Human Factors in AI-based Automation Design
Host recruitment page

ESR9: Assessing Interactions between AVs/VRUs using Virtual/Augmented Reality
Host recruitment page

ESR10: HMI on bicycles, promoting Transparent AV interactions
Host recruitment page

ESR11: Cooperative Interaction Strategies Between AVs and Mixed Motorized Traffic
Host recruitment contact:

ESR12: AV Occupants’ Perception of Safety in relation to AV behaviour
Host recruitment page

ESR13: Computational AV/Pedestrian Interaction Models
Host recruitment page

ESR14: Computational AV/Cyclist Interaction Models 
Host recruitment page

ESR15: Safety Evaluation of Automation Using Counterfactual Simulations
Host recruitment page


Required Research Experiences

    Engineering › Mechanical engineering
    1 - 4
    Psychological sciences › Behavioural sciences
    1 - 4
    Engineering › Computer engineering
    1 - 4

Offer Requirements

    Psychological sciences: Master Degree or equivalent
    Engineering: Master Degree or equivalent
    Computer science: Master Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent

Specific Requirements

Requirements and eligibility criteria:
1. English language: It is a requirement that fellows will be able to express themselves in English
at a high level, both verbally and in writing (for example, for the UK, this includes an average
score of 6.5 for IELTS).
2. An early stage researcher (ESR) means a researcher who, at the time of recruitment by the
beneficiary, has not yet been awarded a doctor

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