Post-doc position in Neuroscience Lab of Protein Phosphorylation & Proteomics
Catholic University of Leuven Lab of Protein Phosphorylation & Proteomics

The Lab of Protein Phosphorylation & Proteomics integrates research on all possible aspects of reversible protein phosphorylation, focusing on Protein Kinase D (PKD) as a prototypical kinase, and Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A) as a prototypical phosphatase.

The current Postdoc project aims to understand the role of congenital PP2A dysfunction in intellectual disability and (neuro)developmental delay. Previous research in our lab has recently revealed that de novo mutations in several genes encoding specific subunits of the PP2A family of phosphatases can be considered as new causes of intellectual disability and (neuro)developmental delay (Houge*, Haesen* et al., 2015 - JCI; Reynhout*, Jansen* et al 2019 - AJHG).

Biochemically, these mutations predominantly result in PP2A losses-of-function, although potential gains-of-function might not be excluded at this point. While PP2A shows high expression in brain and regulates a broad network of neuronal signaling cascades, it is currently not known which specific pathways are affected by these genetic PP2A alterations, or which brain areas might be dysfunctional. The aim of this project is to characterize the biological consequences of these alterations in different neuronal cell models and a mouse model, in which specific PP2A mutations will be introduced or are already present (iPSCs), coupled to extended biochemical and cell biological research to provide the first pathophysiological insights into this new genetic disease.

These insights should eventually allow us to guide new therapeutic approaches to treat this disease and improve the general health of affected individuals.

Together with a PhD student, a technician and a bioinformatician you will be responsible for all research activities within the context of the above research project.

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